What is 7Fields

7Fields is an intelligent digital development platform

with mobile apps for employees and coaches. The employees

of an organization are supported through smart tools, live coaching and

Self-learning in their personal development and in organizational

transformation processes in a uniquely effective way.

The best elements of conventional face-to-face coaching are used in

a new form of intelligent digital and personalized development.



Personal coaching is one of the most effective measures within personal development. Where conventional trainings achieve only minor improvements in performance and in particular where learned content have a short life span, continuous coaching is effective and sustainable in competence building and desired behavioural changes.


Coaching is the first choice when it comes to keeping employees efficient and resilient, even when things get insecure, complex and difficult.






Coaching does not offer direct solutions for situations. Instead, competencies are developed that enable employees to find independent solutions and achieve set goals.

The typical areas of application for coaching are leadership, teamwork, sales, communication, career orientation and strategic planning.

Coaching on the topics of stress management, health, new work and agile organisations is increasingly in demand.






The 7Fields One-Stop-Solution provides HR and management with reports on the organization's development issues. In this way, development issues and problem situations can be proactively addressed.

Since coaches and employees work autonomously within a single service contract, the administrative effort for HR is drastically reduced.

The qualified 7Fields coaches also support organisations in introducing agile-intelligent organisational forms. With the Living Organisation approach, 7Fields is at the forefront of the Global Movement for Transformational Organisations and New Work.





However, there are some hurdles for companies that prevent coaching from being used to a greater extent.

First of all, high-quality coaching is associated with high costs, i.e. high hourly rates for professional coaches. In addition, there is a considerable effort for the search and selection of suitable coaches. As a result, coaching is usually only used in middle and upper management.

Since there is no uniform industry standard, it is difficult to select suitable coaches and assess the quality of coaching. The results of coaching processes can hardly be measured and evaluated.

Coaching is anything but flexible: In most cases, coaching is offered in a face-to-face setting, which means a time and organisational effort for the coach and the employee that should not be underestimated.






How does our solution work?





The 7Fields platform is a web-based cloud solution that enables every employee (licensed user) to access their personal profile and the data of their development process anytime, anywhere.


Topics, goals, activities, insights gained and documentation of the coaching sessions - everything is immediately and clearly accessible via the 7Fields client app.

Learning resources in the form of articles, audio and video material on various development topics complement the range of functions and effectively support daily work.

A group of coaches supervises the employees via live video coaching sessions, which can be booked at the push of a button.

Outside the live sessions, the coaches follow the activity of the employees in the 7Fields Coachapp. Using a chat function, the coaches answered questions from their coachees and provide information on what is possible or problematic.


This type of personalised development is far more effective than conventional training and coaching, as it is not possible to stay in intensive contact with employees until they have reached their development goals. The regular and continuous exchange between coach and coachee within a structured, scientifically based process plays a key role in ensuring that behavioural changes and competence building are actually successful in the long term.

But it is not only the coach who is active in accompanying and providing impulses. The system regularly reminds the employee of important activities and displays the status of the activities and goals in real time. The learning and development progress is automatically documented and can be viewed by each employee in his or her personal profile.




Personal Profiles

Selected questionnaires are available on the platform, which provide the employee with results on important personality traits, his competence profile, core values and development-determining parameters.


Coaches and employees can use this information in the live coaching sessions to adapt goals and activities to their personal conditions. The coach can use the information on the personality structure and results of the coaching sessions to identify suitable exercises and present them to the employee. Profile references to personal communication, leadership and collaboration styles are valuable tools for daily work in the company. Employees can actively exchange information.

This significantly changes the culture of cooperation.


In addition, the learning system supports the coach in his work and suggests suitable learning content and exercises to the employee. Among other things, an artificial intelligence with a chatbot is used for this purpose.

During live coaching sessions, the coach and coachee can use digital, interactive whiteboards to graphically illustrate topics and content. The coach can also document results and content during sessions and store them in the coachee's profile.


Managing their own insights and activities and booking coaching sessions are functions frequently used by employees.

All functions, including video communication, can be used on mobile devices. This has positive effects on the frequency of use.